4 Noble Truths Explained by Buddha Zhen – An Introduction – video


This introduction video for the 8-book series 4 Noble Truths Explained by Buddha Z includes:

  • Introduction to the Original Buddhism of the Original Buddha, Shakyamuni Buddha
  • Poetry about Buddhism and stories of Buddhist principles
  • Brief overview of various sects of Buddhism
  • Explanations of how the 4 Noble Truths improve lives
  • Music by Buddha Zhen
  • Overview of the upcoming 8-book series 4 Noble Truths Explained by Buddha Z.

I have been disappointed over the past thirty years to realize that NO Americans know what the 4 Noble Truths of Buddhism are.  Worse yet, I am shocked at how few Buddhists even know what the 4 Truths of Buddhism are.  Without mastering the 4 Truths, no one can claim to be a Buddhist.  When Buddha was enlightened for the first time and became the first Buddha, he had created The 4 Noble Truths.  These are the foundation of all sects of Buddhism.

When I was performing my poetry and flute in dozens of Los Angeles locations, my poetry kept coming back to these 4 Noble Truths.  After a year of writing poetry to perform on various stages I’d written enough poems about Buddhism to actually explain the 4 Noble Truths.  After deciding to create this first book, THE 4 NOBLE TRUTHS OF EXPLAINED BY BUDDHA Z, I mapped out the book and realized I had too many poems and the desire to go into more detail beyond my stories and explanations in a few dozen poems.  This became an 8-book series in which I could use each book to explain and guide the readers to more than understand the 4 Noble Truths.  My goal became to create a book series that would lead the audience to understand, experience, and actually learn how to USE the 4 Noble Truths to improve their lives.

BOOK 1:  Introduction to Indian Buddhism

BOOK 2:  The Noble Truth of Suffering = #1 Truth

BOOK 3:  The Noble Truth of the Origin of Suffering = #2 Truth

BOOK 4:  The Noble Truth of Suffering Ending = #3 Truth

BOOK 5:  The Noble Truth of Living Without Suffering = #4 Truth

BOOK 6:  The Path to Nirvana

BOOK 7:  The Path of a Bodhisattva

BOOK 8:  The Path of a Buddha

The above titles have gone through several variations and may change by the time I complete them.