5 Souls of God — Everyone is One of Five: Woman, Warrior, Worker, Manager, Musician – audiobook


This is the first book to explain the “5 Soul Concept of Richard Del Connor.”  Other books will not be using poetry as they explain HOW to use this book to improve your life and HOW to use this “5 Soul Concept” to understand ALL the people in your reality and government.

  • This is book #1 that was written AFTER this “5 Soul Concept” had been tested and proven on everyone Richard knew.
  • This book includes examples of people in government and on television for easy understanding of these “5 Soul” principles.
  • Other than the INTRODUCTION, this book is 653 pages of lyrical rhyming poetry that is enjoyable to read.
  • Right-side pages of the book are handwritten by the author, Richard Del Connor
  • Left-side pages of the book are typeset for easy reading. (The handwritten poetry has received unanimous compliments.)
  • Subsequent books will not be in poetry and written in a useful manner with more explanations and samples of celebrities and political figures.
  • The 5 Souls are:  Woman, Worker, Warrior, Manager, Musician (The Musician Soul includes all scientists, artists and creative thinkers.)

Narrated by the author: Richard Del Connor
Produced by Richard Del Connor in the Lancaster studio of Shaolin Records.
Published and Distributed by Shaolin Communications.
Time: __:__

Because this 653-page book has the normal typeset poetry on the left-side pages and the handwritten poetry of Richard Del Connor on the right side Richard decided to read both pages which means each poem will be read twice.  This is better than it sounds, because Richard’s poetry is clever and fun to listen to.  Mostly though, it will give the listener a better chance to ponder and consider the new, innovative and controversial concepts he has discovered and perhaps invented.  No one on this planet has ever proposed this “5 Soul Theory” before.  The Kabbala is the closest concept to the theories in this book.  Surprisingly, the Kabbalah presents most of these concepts but in a linear way of a soul progressing through these identities instead of having a person possess four of these souls simultaneously.  In the “5 Soul Theory of Richard Del Connor” the souls are embedded into the embryo sometime after birth.  Richard theorizes that these souls manifest after the fetus has acquired hearing.  Richard also reads the additional 27-pages of the introduction pages for a total of 680 pages read in this audiobook.

This book’s concept and theories developed during 2017 and 2018 when Richard was homeless but performing several times per week in various nightclubs, poetry readings, book fairs and comedy clubs as he wrote several other books: 4 Noble Truths Explained by Buddha Z, Philosopher Poet in a Field of Dreams, Coyote In A Graveyard NoHo, and Sense of Justice.  Studying various philosophers during these years inspired Richard to question all things he knew as he strove to end his homeless by networking and performing with as many other writers, musicians and poets as possible.  During these years he had questions that could not be answered by philosophy or modern psychology.  No matter how he tried to understand the actions of his children, wives, parents, and siblings… he always ended up with the same questions about their behaviors and was confounded by the drug addictions and failures of the homeless he coexisted with in North Hollywood, California.

Especially confounding were the musicians he performed with at several nightclubs and church jam sessions.  Why were some of the musicians — not musicians.  Why were the drug addicts of the North Hollywood Shelters and Parks all similar whether male or female?  Why did his children disown him during his homelessness?  Why did his mother take him out of her Last Will & Testament?  Why was his father so uncaring for him and his children?  Why were his brothers never capable of appreciating or recognizing his creative and artist talents?  Why were the people in the homeless relief centers he visited every week unable to help anyone improve their lives?  Why were the priests unable to see beyond their memberships and even then never really helpful to any of their parishioners?  Why were the government officials and representatives unable to provide anything useful for the homeless?  Why did the people of the homeless shelters treat the homeless like pigeons and prisoners?  And WHY could Richard himself not conform and be content with the same desires and aspirations of all those friends and workers around him?

Then he figured it out:  The 5 Soul Theory of Richard Del Connor.  This theory was originally titled the “5 Souls of God” theory as this book is named, but in today’s world of millennials, God no longer exists.  This may be the only book of this theory that uses the word, “God.”  We’ll see.


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