Masonic Kung Fu – audiobook


This is the audiobook of the controversial paperback, Masonic Kung Fu, by Richard Del Connor “Buddha Zhen.”

  • Narrated by the author, Richard Del Connor.
  • Produced by Shaolin Records.
  • Includes the Foreword section explaining Richard’s involvement and problems with his Freemason lodges.
  • Includes details of Buddhist “head shaving initiation” into a Chinese Shaolin Kung Fu school.
  • Includes violence and murder as the Chinese teen rescues his mother from the Japanese military.

In 2020 Shaolin Records set up our new recording studio in Lancaster, California where Richard Del Connor “Buddha Zhen” recorded his first audiobook: Masonic Kung Fu – Entered Apprentice.  Although this paperback was released several years ago, the story is based on true stories and Richard had to take a half-dozen breaks as tears welled-up in his eyes.  This emotional coming of age book has real-life connections to Richard.  We hope you will enjoy this book of two young Chinese teens rescuing a British Freemason from the Japanese as they invade the coast of China in 1937 to begin WWII.

Richard Del Connor discovered this “Masonic Kung Fu” on June 9, 2009 while he was practicing his Northern Shaolin Kung Fu and also studying for his Freemason “3rd Degree” test.  Richard noticed one of his Kung Fu forms taught to him by legendary grandmaster Wong Jack Man in San Francisco during the 1990s contained the same secret hand signs and salutes as in Freemasonry.  Richard has performed this Kung Fu form titled “Lian Bu” in Mandarin and “Ling Po” in Cantonese for hundreds of Freemasons who all agree this was created to teach Chinese martial artists the secrets of European Freemasonry after WWI.  However, the Chinese people in China were not allowed to join or be Freemasons in the 1900s while they were being occupied by several European nations.   Several of these European conquerors set up Mason Lodges in their Chinese cities.

This book, Masonic Kung Fu, is a story based upon information Richard Del Connor uncovered as a Freemason Assistant Secretary to Panamericana Lodge 513 in Los Angeles, California.  Richard was also the “Organist” of the lodge as was Wolfgang Mozart.

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