Philosopher Poet in a Field of Dreams – audiobook


This unabridged audiobook recording narrated by the author Richard Del Connor features him reading both the typeset poetry on the left-side pages and then the same poetry handwritten on the right side.  With these lyrical poems having philosophical principles and enjoyable rhymes, this double reading enables the listener to better understand and appreciate the complexity or cleverness of the poems.

  • Written by Richard Del Connor while homeless in North Hollywood, California 2018
  • Narrated by the author Richard Del Connor in 2020
  • Special bonus: two songs performed live on flute: “Starting Over Again,” and “Black Hills Ride” written by Richard Del Connor

Richard Del Connor is the author and narrator of this lyrical poetry written while he was homeless in North Hollywood, California.  When Richard performed the dozens of open-mic poetry readings and book fairs he always performed a song or two on flute also.  This audiobook includes Richard performing an encore on flute of two of his songs, “Starting Over Again,” and “Black Hills Ride.”

Weight 1 oz
Dimensions 24 × 36 × 2 in