Tai Chi Magic 1 – music album download


Bamboo flutes, Buddha drum, and Chinese pipa performed by Buddha Zhen

  • Tai Chi Magic song created for performing Yang Tai Chi Chuan Short Form of Shaolin Chi Mantis.
  • Produced by Richard Del Connor for Shaolin Records in Tujunga, California.
  • Released 2009 by Shaolin Communications with CDs sold to students and Yoga instructors.
  • First album by Buddha Zhen.
  • Chinese name:  Zhen Shen-Lang “Spirit Wolf of Truth.”

Buddha Zhen performs on pipa, which is a Chinese 4-string lute.  The song “Tai Chi Magic” was written specifically for the Shaolin Chi Mantis DEMO TEAM to perform their Yang Tai Chi Chuan Short Form in public exhibitions and tournaments.  The “Tai Chi Magic” song is timed and structured to match the consistent breathing required to master this martial arts dance.  Buddha Zhen also performs the flutes, shakuhachi, and percussion.

SONGLIST of Tai Chi Magic 1 by Buddha Zhen

  •  Tai Chi Magic
  •  Sparrows In The Daoist Courtyard
  •  Inner Mountain View
  •  In The Pool Of Enlightenment
  •  Inner Will
  •  Road To The Mountaintop
  •  Dao Mountain Monastery
  •  Silk Mushroom
  •  Boundless Space
  •  Pushing Hands
  •  Night Blue Sky

Produced By Richard Del Connor for ShaolinRecords.com

Music, Calligraphy, and Poetry by Buddha Zhen.

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