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Topics 2010: "Buddhism Basics"


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Zen Buddhist Scientist

4th of July Parade 2007 TujungaI have been studying the effects of Buddhism on people since 1981.

I have tested Buddhism on all ages.

I have tested Kung Fu and Tai Chi on persons since 1981 also. I have studied persons of all body types and all nationalities.

I have taught youth at risk, elementary schools, middle schools, high schools, colleges, a variety of Christian religions, handicapped and blind persons.

I have injected people with as much Zen Buddhism as they could tolerate--and often more.

I am a Zen Buddhist EXPERT. I have worked full time, teaching Buddhism since 1992 until now, 2009,

The first episodes of the ZEN BUDDHIST PODCAST OF SHAOLIN ZEN, were stories of the end of my life in Tujunga. The end of my family and relationship with my children was detailed. Interesting and insightful, but I will be removing these early episodes and combining them into an audiobook that will make it quicker and easier to listen to all of these PRE-Buddhism Basics Podcasts.

The current episodes of the ZEN BUDDHIST PODCAST will focus on the BUDDHISM BASICS.

I look forward to sharing them with you.

Buddha Zhen Shen-Lang, Spirit Wolf of Truth
         Zhen Shen-Lang , Shaolin Zen Patriarch


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Artist Name: Buddha Zhen

Podcast Title: Zen Buddhist Podcast of Shaolin Zen

Podcasts are often Zen reality shows.

The Original Buddha, used his life stories and current events to create parables for enlightenment.

Some parables are better than others, but all stories have their lessons.

By choosing the parables of Buddha Zhen, you are adding a few new elements to your life path:

  • Native American folk tales
  • Chinese stories of morality and family unity
  • Buddhist concepts and perspectives of Buddha Zhen's life as seen through his own zen
  • Humor of a flower power poet
  • Heart of a folk rock musician
  • Guru or Spiritual Leader
  • Hippie ideals
  • Athletic coach is your Life Coach
  • Kung Fu Master to teach you to master life
  • Tai Chi Master to teach you to master your body
  • Zen Meditation Priest to guide you to peace of mind
  • Mr. Mom as an example to other Mr. Moms
  • Flutist extraordinaire
  • Classic Rock Drummer
  • Author of Kung Fu and Tai Chi books
  • Founder of Shaolin Zen
  • Bassist of American Zen
  • Studio session guitarist since 1974
  • Singer and performer front man
  • Songwriter of hundreds of songs



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