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Buddha Zhen "Jen"

Covid-19 Vampire?

June 2020:  I’m in lockdown.  I’m a senior.  I get meals delivered.

I was probably wearing a mask, but sometimes others weren’t… 

Don’t take your packages from your deliveryman directly.  Ask them to, “Just set the box down.  I’ll pick it up.  Thank you.”

I didn’t go blind–but I couldn’t go into the sunlight without my eyes being burned mercilessly by the sun.  It’s the same as the time I got an eye exam and they used the eye-dilation drops.  Going outside without sunglasses, even squinting was painful for my eyes.  My self-therapy was to go for 2-mile walks without sunglasses… painful to my eyes.  People probably thought I was an Oriental with my narrowed eyes.  (At this time, November 14, 2020, I believe I did not suffer permanent damage.)

But I stopped Kung Fu class recordings of the Shaolin Chi Mantis BEGINNER PROGRAM.  I didn’t want to have a bunch of online classes being, “THE COVID CLASSES…”

After a couple weeks of other flu symptoms… I thought I should’ve felt better… This Covid-19 is different.  I used to go to theaters just to catch a flu and get it over with in a day or two.  But this disease lingered.  I felt sluggish for a month.  

Even with my surgeries in the past few years, I never took a month off from teaching classes.  There were times when I couldn’t stand up for more than 10-minutes due to an internal cyst in 2017.  But I’d keep my Shaolin Kung Fu classes going by mostly sitting and leading the class from sitting on my ass.  Hee-hee. Kung Fu was less painful than standing-still.  So I even performed Northern Praying Mantis Kung Fu for some Chinatown events those years.

I still felt crappy as if gravity had increased and I was full of sand this summer.  When my lungs cleared I thought it should be over with.  But I was a little sick… after being a lot sick…  So I stopped Kung Fu classes for June, then July… But I didn’t have any students.  Not even any private lesson students.

So my body is shrinking.  Sidekicks aren’t as high.

During the 1980s one of my Shaolin Shifu, Dr. Kam Yuen, told me, “When people age their ligaments shrink.  That’s why some people become hunchbacks.  Everyone shrinks, but if you are more flexible the shrinkage appears less when you are older.”  

I’ve shared that wisdom with hundreds of students and now I’m sharing it with me.  I’m shrinking.  I’m 66-years old.  I’ll be 67 on February 4, 2021.

My brother had one of his hips replaced this year and will have the other hip replaced next year.  He says he’s been living in constant pain for many years.  He’s four years younger than me.  I asked him if we have a genetic flaw like German Shepard dogs.  He laughed and explained that the damage to his body was caused by his lifestyle of motorcycles, dune buggies, surfing, and ‘stuff.’  He said his physical problems were a result of his “lifestyle.”

I have no hip pains except for less flexibility.  This 2020 year of no classes and students: has negatively affected my lifestyle.  Less classes means my body is becoming “normal.”  I don’t like “normal.”  Normal may be natural, but I want to be SUPER-NORMAL.  

I Can Be Super-Natural

I’ve shrunk up as far as I can take it.  Stretches that were easy a decade ago are very difficult and painful now.  

I’m going to PROVE that Shaolin Kung Fu is good for you–if it works on seniors.  (Me.)

Shaolin Kung Fu and Yang Tai Chi Chuan have kept me athletic.  My doctors gave me “athletic body” and “teeth I would kill for,” comments this year.

But I can’t touch my nose to my knees, or put my hands flat on the ground or…

Shaolin Kung Fu Will Save Me

Join my workouts.

I’m going to prove or disprove whether Shaolin Kung Fu is good or even possible for seniors.  I have never accepted a Shaolin Chi Mantis student over 50-years old into any of my schools since 1984 when I started teaching that guy who was installing cable dish antennas in Brentwood, California.  He saw me practicing my Shaolin Kung Fu in my parking lot for several days as he was watching me from the rooftops and finally visited me to ask to learn Kung Fu.  He was my first student in 1984.

I am going to complete the video series of the entire Shaolin Chi Mantis BEGINNER PROGRAM of four semesters in 2021.  Each semester is progressively harder.  

  1. Semester 1:  Tai Chi Chuan Short Form, SCM Standing Stretch
  2. Semester 2:  Luohan 1 Kung Fu Form over 1,200 years old
  3. Semester 3:  Ling Po, SCM Yoga and STAFF TRAINING!!!
  4. Semester 4:  Small Circular Fist, Qigong and more STAFF TRAINING!!!

Kung Fu Staff is Super-Fun

I was undecided whether to keep the Shaolin Staff training in the SCM Beginner Level.  I can’t do all the really large staff moves indoors and it requires me supplying the students with white wax wood staves imported from Northern China.

I’ve decided:  YES.  I’ll do it.  

I am so excited to start staff training next semester that I am now more motivated to complete the semester of ONLINE CLASSES I am currently shooting each week of the Luohan 1 form semester.

I LOVE Shaolin Staff.  I’ve always carried a Chinese white wax wood staff since 1981.  In my cars, and even when homeless, I had a wax wood staff with me.  

I’ve completed the first semester online class videos for Shaolin Chi Mantis Beginner Program that teach the entire Yang Tai Chi Chuan Short Form that I’ve been teaching since 1984.  80 videos = 80 classes in first semester.  So now my energy flow is balanced and I have peace of mind…  Yay!

Step 2: Stamina

I’m near the end of SCM Semester 2.  

After my Covid-19 I had to reprogram my brain with new motivations to do Shaolin Kung Fu.  I used to do it for me.  Then it was for interns.  Then it was for prisoners.  Then it was for the YWCA.  Then it was for my daughter.  Then it was for the school.  Then it was for the business.  Then, for money?  I’ve taught a lot for free.

I regret not doing even more Shaolin Kung Fu this past decade and now that it is no longer a job I need to find a NEW SELF-MOTIVATION and create a NEW SHAOLIN LIFESTYLE.

Step 3:  Shaolin Lifestyle

Join my ONLINE KWOON.  (Kwoon = Kung Fu school.  Never call a Karate school a, “Kwoon,” because they prefer, “Dojo.”  (“Doe-Joe.”)

I’m locked up indoors.  If you’re locked up… join in.

I just rejoined my Shaolin Chi Mantis school.  I’m leading the classes, but I’m also doing all the workouts.  It’s just as good for me as it is for you.  I used to say, “I’m getting paid to do what I would pay to do.”

BUT, I need to make this a “LIFESTYLE.”  I’ve been doing Shaolin Kung Fu to benefit OTHER PEOPLE since 1984, with myself being content to be doing it WITH THEM.

By filming my Home-School classes I am going to get back into shape.  But I still need to be motivated, and setting up for the classes is more difficult now with lighting, camera, sound… and Bear the Cat joining me periodically.

Getting Back Into Shape

I had to find NEW REASONS to workout.  

We each have to find a REASON WE BELIEVE IN to create an exercise lifestyle.

Most people JOIN a sports team, or gym, or yoga school, Karate dojo…  It’s easier to exercise and be active when you have to keep up, compete, or do what someone tells you to do.

But these get boring or become inconvenient.  And none of these are a lifestyle.  Karate was created as a college boxing sport.  Yoga schools don’t jump around.  Gyms are moving heavy objects from one spot to another spot.

A soccer team, or basketball team, or playing tennis would probably all be worthwhile lifestyles… until you’re 50 years old.

Kung Fu Senior

I’m 66-years old and I’m in the “high-risk group” for dying of Covid-19.

Did Kung Fu cure me?  

No.  But I was healthier when I got it than most people. I also worked out REAL HARD when I was sick and fluish and sluggish… I was trying to burn off the virus.  

Will I live longer with Kung Fu?  

Yes.  I think I’m proving that already.  I started in 1980 and I look younger than my younger brothers.  My other younger brother has diabetes.  I don’t.

Good Kung Fu = Good Lifestyle

Exercising is boring.  I was homeless at NoHo Park for a few years and saw the exercise programs come and go from there.  None of them lasted more than three years.  None of these programs had anything new to offer after the first year, and usually nothing new after the first month.

A lifestyle needs to be interesting.  

A lifestyle needs to be rewarding.

Most people are crappy students at everything but LIFE IS BETTER when LEARNING something.  Learn anything.  The brain needs exercise.  

This SCM BEGINNER PROGRAM has enough information for a lifetime of study and reflection.  The Kung Fu is challenging and the classes include philosophy, history, self-awareness and Zen Buddhism.

Challenge yourself.  Have some friends join up also so you’ll be motivated even more by the competition of keeping up or getting ahead… See if you can graduate all four semesters to ultimately graduate the SCM Beginner Program.  The SCM Beginner Program is equal to a Karate Black Belt.  

Just take these four semesters of classes which are each 6-months long — and then two-years later, start at the beginning again.  I’ve taught this entire SCM Beginner Program many times and it is too difficult and informative to ever be boring.   And even though I wrote the books: I learn many things each time I teach/attend these classes myself.  Sometimes I’m surprised how many new things I learn each semester I retake the classes.

Then when YOU ARE 67-years old:  Use this program to revitalize your life?

Shaolin Kung Fu LIFESTYLE

This Shaolin Chi Mantis BEGINNER PROGRAM is difficult, enlightening, and empowering.  It is an amazing program.  

Can you do it?

Are you capable of being as physically fit as a 67-year old senior?

Can you do Shaolin Kung Fu and swing a staff as good as an old silver-haired musician with a cat?

Let’s see if you can!

How fit are you?

Incidentally, I’ve trained professional boxers and they were always surprised how much they could learn and how these Kung Fu exercises helped them in the boxing ring.  I’ve rehabilitated chemo-therapy people who were shriveled to their bones… And these classes were the reason several people said they did not commit suicide during my years in Utah rehabilitation centers.  

Now I need this Shaolin Kung Fu to revitalize my life!

This program is my salvation.  I am going to complete this SCM Beginner Program and then MAINTAIN this super-natural health level with my NEW Shaolin Kung Fu LIFESTYLE I am doing for me.  Yes, we have to do it for ourselves.  

I believe I will be more flexible if I graduate SCM Beginner Program.

I believe I will have more stamina and vitality if I graduate the SCM Beginner Program.

I believe I will LIVE LONGER if I maintain my Shaolin Lifestyle.

I believe I will be LESS LIKELY to die of Covid-19 or any disease if I maintain my Shaolin Lifestyle.

I believe I will ENJOY LIFE MORE if I maintain my Shaolin Lifestyle.

I believe Shaolin Kung Fu is beneficial because I have data to show the results and effects of a Shaolin Lifestyle on hundreds of students.  

Because we don’t have sparring, I do not have the pains and joint pains and back pains and broken bone pains of my Karate colleagues who have retired in great suffering.  Unfortunately, their martial art made their senior lives painful and miserable.

2021 = New Healthy Me

I am looking forward to my INDOOR WORKOUT of Shaolin Kung Fu in 2021.

Even though I’m “Sheltering-in-place.”  (Covid lockdown).  I am going to be healthier than I’ve been in ten years.

I’ve done this Shaolin Chi Mantis Beginner Program many times before.  This ends with foot sweeps, jumping kicks and running around with my staff spinning like a helicopter.  I am so excited!  I am smiling with goose-bumps as I type this.  I am VERY EXCITED to do my Shaolin Kung Fu.

You can wait a year and see the proof when I say, “I told you this Shaolin Kung Fu would make me young again!”

Or you can join me NOW and not waste the next year just watching me get healthy as you stay the same… or decline in health…


Shaolin Zen Buddhism

Shaolin Zen Buddhism includes Shaolin Kung Fu.  This is a lifestyle of health and happiness.  Shaolin Kung Fu includes Zen Buddhism or it’s just a hollow shell of gymnastic exercises.

The Shaolin Buddhist Temple on Mt. Songshan is where Bodhidharma retired to create the original Zen Buddhism (“Chan” Buddhism in Chinese) and the original Shaolin Kung Fu based on his Indian martial arts training (Kalaripayattu).

The Shaolin Temple was burned down a couple times and the original books by Bodhidharma were destroyed. For better and worse this led to Shaolin Kung Fu evolving over the past 1,000 years.  This Shaolin Zen Temple founded by me, Buddha Zhen Shen-Lang “Spirit Wolf of Truth,” is based upon the Shaolin Kung Fu of 1,000 years ago after a couple major evolutions of style and influences.  The weapons I teach are the weapons of 1,000 years ago in China.  These Kung Fu “dances” that I call “forms” require great effort and a lot of time to master.  Hence my translation of “Kung Fu” to mean “Time & Energy.”  This dedication of the student to learn these complicated and difficult routines result in the mastery of the body and control of the mind.  

In order to create more than an athlete, all my schools and programs also include the Zen Buddhism of the Shaolin Temple and other philosophies of ancient China including Taoism, Confucianism and Strategy based upon the book Art Of War by Sun Tzu.  

This combination of Shaolin Buddhism and Shaolin Kung Fu has produced more famous and incredible heroes than any other martial arts system.  Without the Zen Buddhism an athlete is a superior thug.  Without the Taoism the athlete will not harmonize with reality in health and contentment.  Without the Confucianism the athlete will be a security guard or leg-breaker.  Without Strategy the athlete will not achieve noble goals or be selective in his ambitions.  By combining all these abilities and awareness I have proven that these ancient wisdoms make life better for the student and all the persons in that student’s environment.

Shaolin Chi Mantis SLOGAN:  “The ultimate self-defense is self-awareness.”

Most importantly, there is NO SPARRING in any of my schools.  My students have proven that these Shaolin Kung Fu moves work in real life self-defense situations.  One of my students called to tell me he was attacked in a parking garage by three criminals.  The first one attacked him with a knife.  The other two had to carry him out of the parking garage with a broken leg.  A couple of female students have also contacted me to tell me they had defended themselves against rape attacks.  In fact, my highest ranking students are women because of our NO SPARRING rule.  There has also never been a broken bone or even a dislocation in any of my classes since 1984 when I began teaching.

Want to be a hero?  Learn my traditional Shaolin Kung Fu, Taoist Tai Chi Chuan and Confucian Strategy.  I have taught in prisons and drug rehabilitation centers with better results than any other program I know of.  After teaching at the maximum security prison I checked back several years later and the prison informed me that instead of 80% of the inmates returning as normal, the recidivism rate was only 20% and one student had become a fugitive only because he would not inform on someone.  Several of those prison graduates visited me over the years to give me, “Thank you’s.”

Let’s make the world a better place by making you a better person.

The Zen Buddhist Podcast of Shaolin Zen will illuminate all the above topics.  Glad to have you here.

Who is Shaolin Kung Fu for?

A higher education student or professor is best suited for Shaolin Chi Mantis.  Colleges, universities and technology engineers thrive in Shaolin Chi Mantis.  All my schools are designed to make students smarter and heroes in their private Shaolin lifestyle.  The ability to help others and protect others should never be violent.  Give good advice to benefit others.

People of all intellectual abilities will benefit from Shaolin Chi Mantis.  Since 1984 only the people who did well in school were able to graduate the BEGINNER LEVEL of Shaolin Chi Mantis.  Most students would raise their grade point average from D to C; or C to B.  Those students who were B students (3.0 grade average) or higher seemed to go furthest and do the best.

If you are of higher education or enjoy learning–you will enjoy Shaolin Chi Mantis.  Smart people also enjoy our lack of sparring and injuries.  Not one broken bone in any school of mine since 1984.  So Shaolin Chi Mantis is a safe and healthy way to learn self-defense in a very artistic, intellectual and spiritual manner.  Seriously, Shaolin Kung Fu is my favorite martial art and favorite exercise.  I gave up many years of tennis to dedicate my life to Shaolin Kung Fu.  I was lucky to discover and organize the Shaolin Kung Fu I have inherited.  My gift and benefit was to create curriculums that were comprehensive and logical in the 21st Century.  In 2020 the ONLINE KWOON (school) was launched at www.ShaolinInteractive.com

I’ve begun filming the ONLINE CLASSES in my new Lancaster school.  I’m 66 years old and hope to film and graduate the SCM Beginner Level again by making 328 videos to complete all four semesters of the SCM Beginner Program.  I never allowed seniors over 50 to join Shaolin Chi Mantis.  I’m hoping to prove that because I’ve been already been doing Shaolin Kung Fu for 40 years — that this difficult martial art has extended my life and improved my health.


Can you keep up with this 66-year old senior?

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Shaolin Zen CyberTemple

I founded this ONLINE Temple of the ORIGINAL Zen Buddhism (Chan Buddhism) in 1999 at www.ShaolinZen.org   I used this website to teach my children the Original Buddhism of Shakyamuni Buddha (Siddhartha Gautama) and the Original Zen Buddhism of the Shaolin Temple in China.  I also used this as the source material of the first podcasts in 2006 of the Zen Buddhist Podcast of Shaolin Zen.  By reading the material on this website and discussing it with additional stories of my life as a Mr. Mom I created an enormous following.

I apologize for all those who may have felt abandoned when I became a homeless monk and could no longer afford the hosting fees to maintain my podcasts.  I learned a lot from devoting my life to raising my children.  I also learned that my expectations of my children being an investment in my future was wrong.  I truly enjoyed raising them and being with them 24/7 as a Mr. Mom.  But I had expectations.  Yes, there’s that word we consider to be the birth of suffering.  So I suffered, and learned.  I can’t regret the love and compassion and satisfaction I had while raising my children.  Some of those years as a Mr. Mom were the best of my life.  But filial piety is not to be expected in our modern world.  I’ve learned accordingly and look forward to sharing my illumination and enlightenment from what I’ve accordingly learned by experience and what I WISH I KNEW BEFORE THESE EXPERIENCES.

I enjoy counseling my students and their families and now I know a lot more from experience and study.  I look forward to helping my students, friends and listeners be more successful in their lives as I continually improve my own life.  (Which is a really cool life!!!)

In fact: (last update?) After contracting Covid-19 during summer of 2020 I stopped filming videos for several months.  I had to reevaluate and decide how to put / keep / add Shaolin Kung Fu into my daily life.  My Shaolin lifestyle.  After spending a few months without Shaolin Kung Fu I am DEDICATED to doing Shaolin Kung Fu DAILY (for new reasons) and realize that any day without Shaolin Kung Fu is a day of less accomplishment and maintenance  of my Shaolin Lifestyle.  This is Noble Truth #4.  Shaolin Kung Fu is my Noble Truth #4.  What’s that?  I look forward to explaining…

Buddha Zhen teaching his children Shaolin Kung Fu.